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Valia, partner in our clients’ development

Supplier for major names in the food industry, Valia has earned itself a reputation for being an active and innovative partner.
Valia draws on a chain of skills, a work dynamic and fast reactions to bring your project to life with all aspects considered (technical, marketing and economic constraints, etc.). The high level of skill of our teams and production lines allows them to adapt to your needs.


With a commercial team and an R&D department that is always ready to listen, Valia has a varied range of products that respond to your needs as well as to consumer expectations.
From the very beginning of the project, we respond to your requests while taking all industrial feasibility aspects into consideration:
– Industry knowledge; selection and longevity of raw material supply favouring local suppliers,
– Clean Label; adapted formulation that opts for more natural, fewer ingredients
– Optimised format that is adapted to your needs,
– Implementing quality standards at every stage of the production process
– Economic performance that meets your objective,
– Industry approval,
– Etc.

Valia, partner in our clients’ development


Valia at the heart of industry

Industry knowledge: an advantage for your project's longevity

Beyond product development, Valia brings you its industry knowledge that has been acquired through various developments undertaken since its creation.
Valia is unique in that we work just as well with poultry, meat, fish and cheese, so you will have the advantage of expertise from a multi-industry supplier.
We are true partners in your project, and our experience allows us to help you decide what strategic choices to make (choice of ingredients, choice of products, how often to buy, etc.) Valia R&D can also advise you and steer you towards the best strategic choice for your project’s success!

Valia values the base products in recipes

Since Valia’s creation, we have always placed major importance on the value of food products, and this is where our company’s name came from – “VALorisation des Ingrédients Alimentaires” (French for “Valuing Food Ingredients”).
Our industry knowledge and our close relationships with suppliers allows us to work in this way.

The environment as a key concern

We care deeply about the future of our planet and what we will pass down to the next generations, so we work everyday to protect and respect the environment. We take action for this cause particularly though:

– Reducing our waste,
– Sorting, recycling and reusing ingredients and packaging,
– Managing energy use (consumption, emissions, improving energy efficiency, etc.),
– Protecting resources,
– Raising awareness among staff, preventing waste.

For each project, the right formula !




High standards and quality at the heart of your projects

To ensure food safety and hygiene for our products, Valia has obtained FSCC22000 certification. We use the highest quality standards at all levels of our manufacturing processes.

Valia is committed to constantly improving our performance and controlling the quality of our products.
By rigorously selecting our suppliers, ensuring our staff are involved at all times, and by adopting good manufacturing practices, performing regular checks, making investments and training staff frequently, Valia ensure the quality of our products for our clients and for the consumer.


Valia has always placed the utmost importance on the consumer’s health and safety.
In order to avoid any risk and to guarantee the safety of our products, we guarantee traceability and apply HACCP best practices at all levels of manufacturing.
The consumer’s health and safety are requirements that we take into consideration as soon as we start to develop a product. We are therefore committed to using simple recipes (natural ingredients, limited number of additives, etc.) and we have high standards when selecting our suppliers.


Valia is committed to respecting the environment:
– By pursuing a program to improve the energy efficiency of our equipment,
– By raising awareness among staff,
– By reducing the amount of waste we produce (organic waste and packaging) and by reusing it,
– By placing particular importance on the notion of saving resources.


Valia considers the health, safety, well-being and education of personnel to be of the utmost importance.
Each year, we invest in staff and training programs to contribute to their development.

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